Calling for children is one of my specialties, and one of my special joys. There's nothing quite like the look in a small child's eyes as they participate in a group dance for the first time! And older children seem to learn the dances almost as fast as I can teach them... and they remember them, too!

I have lots of experience calling for children of all ages, from pre-school through high school, and I have a good idea of what children of various ages can do, and what they enjoy doing.

Schools can hire me to lead multi-week programs during school hours, 1-4 classes at a time depending on age and available space. A typical contract is for 4-11 weeks for each class. Most schools close the program with an assembly to which the parents are encouraged to come – it makes for a spectacular show for the parents and provides a great sense of accomplishment for the kids.

Schools can also use me for one-shot fundraisers
or parent/child dances.

Camps – Square dancing is a natural fit for camp programs, embodying the outdoor spirit and a rugged rural tradition. It involves the whole camp, and since I do dances for ALL ages, everybody will get to do at least some of the dances.

Parent/child dances are great family events and a terrific way to interact with the kids on a fairly even playing field. Clearly, I tailor the dances to the ages of participants.