Square dancing is a natural fit for camp programs, embodying the outdoor spirit and a rugged rural tradition. It involves the whole camp – I do dances for ALL ages, so everybody will get to do at least some of the dances.

I have had decades-long relationships with three very special and very diverse camps, which can give you an idea of the range of groups I work with. Each of these camps has in time developed their own set of favorite dances and dance traditions. I think what I love most about these dances is that – in all three groups – some of the young adults who are now leaders began dancing with me at the camps when they were small children!

Emandal – A large family-run farm on the banks of the Eel River in a gorgeous part of Mendocino County, east of Willits. The children are of all ages, and over the years I've called for their summer camps (kids and counselors) and for their family-camps (kids and parents), sometimes as many as six dances a year, rarely less than two.

Westminster Woods – A Christian camp set in the cool shade of the beautiful redwoods of western Sonoma County, in the Occidental area. Each year, I call dances for their two sessions of High School Camps, plus a pre-season dance for the counselors, most of whom danced with me as campers! I never get to do all their requests, but we cram in as many as we can in before the call to campfire.

San Francisco Girls Chorus Camp – This one is held on the hilltop directly across the Russian River from me, at the Rio Lindo Academy, an annual dance for these talented Bay Area girls at their camp in Healdsburg, 150 girls (and a dozen chorus leaders and advisors) on a large ballfield. The girls are all musically gifted and most have danced with me at the camp in past years, so we race through the dances one after the other, trying to get them all in, although of course we never succeed! Sometimes I get to hear the girls singing as they are coming or going, their beautiful voices echoing off the stone walls of the Academy. In 2007, I called for the camp alumni, the beautiful women all the girls grew up to become!

This wonderful, world-famous choral group is my oldest client, since 1985, here treating me to the best Happy Birthday I'll ever hear.

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