People who like to square dance a lot often become club square dancers. Most clubs, worldwide, dance Plus Level square dancing. The first three levels of modern square dancing are Basic, Mainstream and Plus, the three together comprising about 120 calls. I call for two weekly Plus clubs, the Redwood Rainbows and Circle'n Squares of Santa Rosa.

Some club dancers go on to learn Advanced square dancing, and I call Advanced for the Sebastopol Spinners, Buzzin' Boots of Novato, and the Redwood Rainbows.

Some hard-core Advanced dancers go on to Challenge dancing, and I call C-1 (Basic Challenge) for the Sebastopol Spinners.

One of the more dynamic facets of the modern square dance activity has been the rise in recent years of gay and lesbian clubs, and I call for one such group, the North Bay's first gay and lesbian square dance club, the largest club in the Bay area, and largest predominantly lesbian square dance club ever – the Redwood Rainbows.


Most clubs sponsor classes from time to time.
Please check with me or with the clubs for up-to-date information.

SINGING CALL - Here are three squares of my club dancers from Santa Rosa dancing to my rendition of 'Walk Right In,' using some of the club level movements.

BASIC LEVEL PATTER CALL - These are my Circle 'n Squares club dancers dancing to Basic Level movements, the kind I would use - along with the Virginia Reel and other traditional dances - at parties for beginners.