A square dance is ideal for weddings and wedding rehearsals.
The families and friends of the bride and groom may not know each other, and may span several generations. The hands-on interactions of a square dance is a great ice-breaker! Everybody can do the easy dances, and guests who have danced with each other in a community/group dance have an easier time sharing a table or a story with each other later on.

My program is essentially the same as the typical dance for beginners, adjusting for the mood and energy of the group. But of course I will work with the hosts or planner to see that all toasts, prayers, remembrances, and other elements of the wedding are taken care of during the course of the program. The dance is there to help you make your event work.

My beautiful daughter and I danced the traditional "Put Your Little Foot" as an exhibition dance at big festivals when Lily was little, so we added a few line dances we've danced for fun over the years to it and put them together for our father-daughter wedding dance.